Positive Care

Resiflex was implemented into Irish Residential Childcare provider Positive Care in 2014. Having used Resiflex for two years now, the results are simply undeniable. Care workers say they have much more time to spend with the young people than before. In addition to this they are really well informed about what is going on within the service. They know what their job involves because it is very easy for them to record their work.

The results for Managers are also successful as they report feeling far more in control of their day to day work. They are delighted at the ease with which they can respond to external information requests.

Some of their reported benefits from using Resiflex are:

  • Reduced paperwork and costs
  • Better risk management
  • Increased transparency and oversight
  • Enhanced compliance and good practice
  • Easier analysis and reporting

By moving to electronic recording, it has drastically improved the quality and consistency of the care records. Not only that, but it has enabled better management of risk across the organisation. Positive Care grew from 2 care homes to 14 within a 4 year period. There are over 250 staff using Resiflex daily, ensuring that the company is gathering consistent and reliable records which are available to view at any time.