How Resiflex Meets Ofsted’s 3 Top Requirements of Children’s Homes

Ofsted have released their 2016 Annual Report. As part of it, they have analysed all the requirements made on children’s homes in 2016 and developed their top 10 of most frequently made requirements. Resiflex was built with many of these in mind, so we take a look at the top 3 that meet Ofsted’s list – and how you can address them using Resiflex.

Risk Assessment

At the top of the list is risk assessment. Specifically, that the risk assessment was not either detailed enough or did not cover all the particular concerns of a particular child. Inspectors found numerous generic risk assessments where children were at risk from the same hazard.

They recommend that providers look at their risk assessments and ensure they are particular to that child. Resiflex provides an in depth risk assessment that cannot be duplicated for several children. It encourages the individual risks and control measures be identified and recorded for each assessment.

Workforce and Workforce Development

According to Ofsted, having sufficient staffing levels is a necessary requirement for childrens homes. But not only that, staff should be engaged and knowledgable about the young people they are working with. They should know what school the young person attends, and the name of their teacher.

Resiflex requires staff to complete form entries which require this type of information. For new staff, it helps train them up on the basic knowledge of the centre. As staff complete critical forms they are subconsciously learning the process for dealing with such events and the standards surrounding them.

Workforce Development is achieved as very quickly, employees become accustomed to the correct way of dealing and recording incidents, daily logs and other childcare forms; thus increasing quality of records, service and reports.


Regulation 44 reports do not provide sufficient guidance and advice for managers in order to improve their service. Resiflex provides adequate, sufficient and necessary fields in the form so it ensures providers gather the required information for their reporting.

For more information on the Ofsted requirements, check out their video here.