About Us

Our Mission

At Resiflex, our mission is to provide Residential Care providers with a state of the art tailored, information system to dramatically improve their service management.

About Us

Three Directors of a leading Irish Residential Childcare provider ‘Positive Care’ grew frustrated with paperwork, inefficiencies and difficulty with company growth. Their care workers were spending a substantial amount of time recording daily logs, incident reports and compiling information for external requirements. It was taking their valuable time away from the young people in their service.

A move to electronically recording information was decided; however the software options available were limited. None were up to regulatory standards, incorporated all aspects of required recording or held the desired level security for keeping such sensitive records. As a result, they designed Resiflex to meet their own service needs.

From the start it provided a clear and immediate overview of service activity. It saved money and enabled the focus to be on bettering the care service provided and real company growth. Positive Care grew from 2 care homes to 9 in the space of 3 years. There are now 250+ employees using Resiflex every day.

With the success achieved by its use in Positive Care, we at Resiflex are now focused on providing its software to other Residential Care providers across the UK.

Bernadette Manning

Bernadette is a professionally qualified social worker with 30 years experience in children and families’ services. She has been a Senior Manager and Director of services for 20 of these years. She has a passion for quality and believes that well defined and organised systems and processes are amongst the core building blocks necessary for the delivery of quality services.

In 1998 she developed the IT system that eventually became Resiflex in order to support Positive Care as it grew. She has ceased in her role with Positive Care and is now entirely focused on Resiflex.

UnaMarie Coyne

UnaMarie has worked with disabled children in a specialist disability service, as well as with children in care, in residential settings.

She is currently CEO of Positive Care – providing residential care services across the Island of Ireland. Positive care has been using Resiflex in its 14 children’s homes since 2014.

UnaMarie has a degree in Early Childhood Studies and a BA (Hons) in Early Education. She has a Certificate in Applied Behavioural Analysis from Trinity College and a Diploma in Youth and Community Development from University College Cork.

Ann Pendergrast

Ann has over 30 years’ experience in Health and Social Care, both in direct provision and management.

She is a qualified Nurse (both General and Psychiatric) with a Degree in Psychology from London University and a Certificate in Management Studies.

She has worked for 10 years in an organization delivering residential care services to children.